Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church We are a body of believers in the one true God who worship Him on the Sabbath. We are located in the heart of Whittier where we continually reach out to the members of our community.



The Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church is a diverse, multi-cultural congregation 

committed to a lifestyle fullfilling the great Gospel Comission of Jesus Christ.

It has been stated that..."a church without a mission will soon be out of commission.” 





Reclaiming the Lost 

Reconciling Relationships 

Restoring Character

Reviving Missional Disciples

Releasing Apostolic Leaders


The Whittier Church wishes to reclaim both the unchurched within the community as well as those who are weak or discouraged within the congregation.



the Whittier Church seeks to assist its members in recovering lost relationships among fellow believers, as well as among family and friends. 



The Whittier Church directs attention to Jesus, the Model of Christian character while urging its members to rely upon the Holy Spirit to restore Christ's character in their lives.



The Whittier Church strives to revive wihtin each member the desire to be a disciple for Christ as well as a skillfully trained soul winner whose life reflects the love and concern of Jesus.



The Whittier Church desires to inspire its members and send them out into the world to spread the message of God's love to every household within the community.


How does the Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church equip and reach?

Answer... through various ministry's of the church including... Cell Groups
Sabbath SchoolWorship ServiceChildren's MinistryYouth MinistryAdult Ministry,
 Music MinistryCommunity Outreach Programs and Services aa well as other Affliated Resources.  



Getting Involved with Church, Family, and Friends:  

Whittier Church wants you to be Passionate about your purpose by being Engaged in the cultural landscape of people's lives.
 Our purpose is to offer a learning experience through the Ministries of the Church which are designed to fulfill the vision of the
Great Gospel Commission of Jesus Christ. By becoming engaged in the work of Jesus, we begin to view ourselves and others through the Father's eyes as we grow closer and closer to our loving Heavenly Friend.