Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church We are a body of believers in the one true God who worship Him on the Sabbath. We are located in the heart of Whittier where we continually reach out to the members of our community.



Seventh-day Adventist Christians see themselves among those called “people of the Book.

Every week, more than 20 million people around the world meet in Adventist churches for Bible study.

Sabbath School for all ages at the Whittier Church

Mission: To win souls

Each One - Reach One
Each One - Teach One
Each One - Love One  
Reaching the unchurched
Reclaiming missing members
Restoring and Maintaining spiritual life

Please join us for Sabbath School at 9:30 a.m. every Sabbath morning and be uplifted!


Online Bible Study resources are available at the web site. This site includes links to online Bible study courses about a variety of topics, as well as links to sites with Biblical answers to many questions.

Current - Adult Bible Study Guides in HTML format
  • Sabbath School Bible Study Podcasts
    Essential for the vision impaired and also great for busy people, playable on iPods, mobile phones and other podcast-supporting devices. Reading of the complete weekly Bible lesson, including the Bible texts, without commentary. Each file plays for about 40 minutes and is around 12mb in size. Available as Podcast RSS, iTunes format and also playable online. (From the South Pacific Division)
  • Hope Sabbath School Study at the Forest Lake Adventist in Flordia is  broadcast vial Hope Satellite TV and available a week ahead of the date the lesson is scheduled for local churches. It is also available for download on the Forest Lake church site in MP3 and MP4 formats and is streamed in Windows Media format.
  • Doug Batchelor and the Sacramento Central Adventist Church discuss the current Sabbath School lesson a week ahead of time. Online video and audio formats. Downloadable Video available in WMV and MP4 formats, Audio available in WMA and MP3 formats.