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Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church We are a body of believers in the one true God who worship Him on the Sabbath. We are located in the heart of Whittier where we continually reach out to the members of our community.


Music Ministry

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 Music Ministry

Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church is blessed with a thriving Music Ministry. On any given Sabbath you are guaranteed to hear at least one or more special numbers. Whether it is a choral selection from Mere Image, a solo or duet, or even an instrumental piano, violin, or flute number, you are bound to be blessed by the music presented, all for the glory of God, here at Whittier Church. Make sure to visit our Music Minsitry Video and Audio page to hear for yourself!


MERE IMAGE, an organization formed by a dedicated group of young people, was first originated in the city of Lynwood about the fall of 1987.  With a desire to be personally involved in the Lord’s work, they found a common interest in singing, so they came together uniting their talents and presenting the message of Christ and His soon return to others in songs. Our church eventually merged with the Whittier Seventh-Day Adventist Church in 1993, which is now considered our home church.

Under the Direction of Henry Murray Sr., Mere Image has provided music for different organizations throughout Southern California over the years.  Their presentations include numerous concerts for Seventh Day and Non-Seventh Day Adventists’ worship services year round. The Group has also shared their faith in songs with, Nursing Home Patients at different locations, Reformatory School Inmates, Southern California Conference Youth Rally, West-Point of Evangelism for the Pacific Union, Camp meetings, and on a regular schedule, provide special music including an Annual Concert for their church services in Whittier.  Some Members of the Group are also involved in their own witnessing outreach activities of their choice. As part of its mission, the Group has created a Scholarship Fund through which they can assist needy students who are attending our private Christian schools and have financial difficulties either to register for the new school year or can’t take their exams due to unpaid bills; sometimes inability to graduate for past due accounts.  We have already seen the blessings this project has been to the few young people we were able to help to remain in school and complete their educational goals. We have also initiated a project we sponsor called  “The India Project”. Since 2003 we have been sponsoring Ministers in India to hold evangelistic meetings bringing the message to hundreds of people at a time. We have sponsored over 30 ministers so far and they have won over 3,000 souls for the kingdom, resulting in over 30 new church groups through the financial assistance we offered. We look forward to continue these projects indefinitely.

The Group looks forward to more ways through which they can continue to reflect the “Mere Image” of Christ as they share their faith through their songs, the spoken word, and the lives they live from day to day. Your prayers and support for the Group’s Ministry will be greatly appreciated.

For any information, or to arrange for a concert, please contact us at:

MERE IMAGE, Whittier Seventh-Day Adventist Church,

8833 Calmada Ave., Whittier CA 90605

Telephone: 562-696-9417, Fax: 562-464-0266



  Meet the Choir - Bios and Pictures



At our birth, in our beginning, our original Genesis, we were all born into sin. But when a sinner meets Christ, gets to know Him, and partakes in a spiritual baptism they are washed in His blood, covered by His grace, and their life is renewed. They are a new creation. This is the moment of a new beginning, a rebirth, and thus a second Genesis.

Since 2004, II Genesis has been blessed with the opportunity to sing for several churches and special events, but we mainly sing at our home church Whittier S.D.A. Church. As all of us are a part of other music groups within the church (choirs, praise teams, etc.) we are kept busy with what we love to do -- share the love of Christ through song. Much of the music we sing was either written by Henry G. Murray, Jr. or performed by other Christian artists such as Acappella, Go Fish, Rescue, The Master’s Plan, Gaither Vocal Band, and others. But whenever, wherever, and whatever we choose to sing, it is always for the purpose of praising and glorifying the God who loves us, died for us, and is coming back for us.

II Genesis (pronounced: sek-uhnd jen-uh-sis) is Emily Eugenio, Wilfred Tambaoan, Jenna Eugenio, Herman Eugenio, Hillorie Tambaoan, and Henry G. Murray, Jr.

For more information, please contact us at:


For more II Genesis music and videos visit

Voice of Praize!

From Starlight Singers to Voice of Praize! Whittier SDA Church has always been blessed with Children who love to sing, and parents who enjoy listening to their child praise their Heavenly Father. With no age limit, Voice of Praize!, is a joy to watch and listen to!