Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church We are a body of believers in the one true God who worship Him on the Sabbath. We are located in the heart of Whittier where we continually reach out to the members of our community.


Community Services / Programs





You were Made for Service:

Know your Community, Know Life-changing Programs, Know Volunteer and Mission Service Organizations


Whittier Church seeks to know its community, engage its culture and community with Christian service, support Christian and Life-changing programs, as well to serve abroad.

Our Aim is to share the gospel faith by showing a lifestyle of committment to Christ, ion ur health, and to build communities anywhere for the enrichment of life now and to come.


Being a church in Whittier we want to know how we can help you or your family, family member, youth and child 


We seek to know our Whittier Community

  • on all city needs levels
  • to provide and support Christian based programs and centers such as YMCA and Narcotics Annomynus (NA) which serve to help individuals and communities know
  • to serve in a healthy active lifestyle dependent upon Him who lives for us and by no substances or other means.


The following are resources

  • Adventist Community Services
  • Local Homeless Shelter Resources
  • Life-changing Centers and Programs   

If you desire more info, we have resources, leader's and volunteer organizations for your family and friend to help you.


As well Whittier Seventh-day Adventist Church does monthly Homeless Feedings and particpates Adults, Youth and Children actively in local and abroad Missionary locations


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